Need some cheese board inspiration?

The perfect cheese platter consists of several types of cheeses from mild to aged. Complement the cheeses with some nuts, grapes and fresh figs, to make the platter even more festive. Do you want to make a typical Dutch cheese platter? This is how it could and should look like:

Gouda Holland Cheese (mild)

Start your cheeseboard with a mild gouda, a cheese that everybody loves!

Old Dutch Master

Combine it with the more experienced cheese of them all, a nice crumbly old dutch master cheese ripened for at least 48 weeks

Frico Goats cheese (Chevrette)

Add some extra taste with a goats cheese.....and maybe also add a lovely walnut

Swiss Style cheese – Maasdam

For a nice soft bite in between add a swiss style cheese, our Frico Maasdam is perfect for this!

Gouda Cumin

And spice it up with our finest Gouda cumin.

Finish it off, with some dried fruits, nuts, grapes and figs to prepare a brilliant snack or delightful final dish of your culinary evening!