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Behind the cheeses

Our heritage dates many years back, in Holland. Frico started out as a co-operation in 1898 when six Dutch dairy factories united into what was named the “Foundation of Friesian Cooperative Dairy Export Association”. Their first export was butter, followed by a selection of top quality cheeses, that soon had people asking for more.

a global company

owned by farmers

Frico is one of the brands of Royal FrieslandCampina. Although a multinational company with many products loved all around the world, Royal FrieslandCampina still remains a cooperative of dairy cow farmers. They are both the owners and suppliers of fresh milk, and the beating heart of all our high quality products.


in Frico history

Frico has a long history, ever since 1898 when the first Frico cheese was born. A history full of taste and memorable moments that made Frico what it is today: the largest producer of cheese in Holland, making cheese with all the love and passion for quality just like all those years ago!

Our history is as rich as our cheeses!
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  • 1898

    The beginning

  • 1930

    The rebranding

  • 1931

    Big in Japan

  • 1940

    40th anniversary

  • 1947

    Tulips and cheese

  • 1955

    Iconic Calendar

  • 1960

    Technological advances

  • 1965

    Frico Branded Products

  • 1980s - 1990s

    Cow for origin

  • 1996

    A big hit in Russia

  • 1998

    Cheese courses in the Middle East

  • 2000

  • 2004

    Award-Winning Cheese